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Soundtracks, Sound Design and Music Production
One-call solution for your sound and music production needs.

When you work with Music Box Productions you get Jim's musical talents as well as his engineering expertise, all in one package, in a warm intimate environment. Customers appreciate our reliability, creativity, cutting edge technology and the fact that we keep projects on budget.

Give us a call at (360) 699-5271 and we'll discuss your music production needs.


Some of what we do...

Singer/songwriter album production (engineering / mixdown / arranging / accompaniment / keyboards / backup vocals)
Keyboard and Vocal talent (for albums, music production projects, live performances)
Customized accompaniment / Custom jingle production
Sound effects for logos / Fast demo service
Sound design for animation / Video pre-scoring / Video SMPTE post-scoring /  Film scoring / Video sweetening / MIDI sequencing / Audio time squeeze
Media Transfer / Archival (audio tape to CD, audio tape to hard disk)
Music copyist (notation) / Song transposition / Copy writing
Spoken word production / Voice-over recording
Equipment consultation

  Some of what we've done...
CD Production
      Cathy Bolton         Coleen McMahon         Tobaj
      Don Eaton         Fev Pratt         Sandin Wilson
      Five Guys Named Moe         Laini Risto         Conversations with God
  music from the retreats
      Mark Knight         The Rockaroos     
Will Vinton
Sound effects for the feature length Claymation film "The Adventures of Mark Twain"
Cole and Weber
The Oregonian's Ted Mahar spots and sound design
Background scores for sales training and trade show videos
Disney Special Events
Musical score for Portland's Disney Days corporate video
David Tower Company
KPTV Channel 12 promos "B-Ball" & "The Entertainment's on Us"
Stereo Super Stores jingle for McGiven/Kobosik
Santana & English
Clackamas Promenade jingle
Discount Silks jingle
Music for "ShowerPic" national TV spot
KEX 1190 Radio
"Miller in the Morning" station promos
Gerber Advertising
Franz Bread "The Great White" radio spots
Pacific Power
"There's No Place Like Home" TV spot score
Logo sound design
Wordsmith Communications
Sound Design for Xerox Corporate Logo

Listen:  Hi-Fi   Lo-Fi

Mathews and Associate
National Tourism Office of Spain radio jingle
Maui Community Theatre
Custom sequencing of accompaniment tracks for live community theatre.
KGW - News Channel 8
Music Production for Friday Night Flights
Pace Video Center
Freightliner logo sound design
PacifiCorp and Pacific Power logo sound design
Tektronix video backgrounds ITVA Conference animation soundtrack and music
Mincey Productions
"Wee Sing" children's video music programming
PCA's film "Birth: Plans and Realities" soundtrack


Excellent customer orientation...talented...adaptable...
        Hal Hill & Jim Kobylecky  
        Tektronix TV/Media Services
...creative...cost effective...we'll use him again...
        John Mincey
        Mincey Productions
My experience with Jim Fischer on past commercial music productions found him to be innovative, professional, easy to work with and technologically fascinating.
        Jim Miller, Director of Promotions
        KGW Radio
...stunning...in the nick of time...
        Matt Simeck
        Pacific Standard Television
I continue to receive incredible amounts of compliments on the album "From the Heart" that I recorded with Jim, the production of it, etc. It is my biggest selling album in these past 2 years.  Check it out at www.cathybolton.com/oldsite/
        Cathy Bolton
        Recording Artist
We've had a long working relationship in which I've been pleased and the customer's happy.  When something works like this, you don't mess with it...creative...efficient... a cost effective choice.
        Greg Smith
        Pace Video Center

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