Currently, I play regularly at:
         Dec 4 Concert
               at Friends of the Carpenter
         Michael Jordyn's Steakhouse
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         I also perform music for
            private events.
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         Dueling Piano Parties
I'm Jim Fischer. Thank you for visiting my website.
I am a concert pianist and entertainer. I am known for my versatility, whether playing solo or in an ensemble. I am comfortable at the grand piano (my favorite instrument) or playing electronic keyboards. I easily transition between jazz, pop and classical. My repertoire is vast.
My original compositions have been described as having a keen sense of rhythm and melody. My piano style is joyful, passionate and infused with emotion. I have an almost unmatched command of acoustics, electronics and orchestration. All of this clearly distinguishes my sound.
My professional career highlights my talents as a pianist, vocalist, entertainer, composer, recording artist and producer.  I invite you to enjoy my music at any of the many venues where I perform, or in the comfort of your own home with the purchase of my CD recordings. If you have a music recording project of your own or need entertainment for your event, please contact me. It would be an honor to serve you.
Thanks for Listening!
~Jim Fischer
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